Welcome to MastaPlasta – making mending stuff easy! MastaPlastas stick to leather, suede, faux leathers and vinyls as well as metal, wood and plastic – and are water resistant too.

Eco-friendly repair revolution. No heat, no tools

Deluxe Fabric: Supple, Soft and Strong

Self Adhesive - Simply Peel and Stick

Lots of Colours, Sizes and Designs

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Self-adhesive – just peel and stick to save sofas, car seats, handbags, leather jackets

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Home MastaPlasta

Used in homes, hotels, restaurants, theatres, offices, vehicles and fashion

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A Short Introduction to MastaPlasta

It’s likely you’re here because you need to repair something made from leather or suede. Whether it’s a torn sofa, armchair, car seat, handbag or luggage – MastaPlasta can help. And that goes for a host of other fabrics used for upholstery, car interiors, jackets or handbags. And with jackets and handbags, check out our new Tag Battoo range  – they do the same job as our original MastaPlastas but even more beautifully, topped with delicate gold foiling and tattoo inking.

We realise other DIY leather repair kits can appear a little daunting to use and might not deliver the results you hoped for, so we invented something much easier with the aim of making repairing stuff as easy as possible – and still look good. With MastaPlasta, you know what you’re getting. If you can apply a Band-Aid, then you can use our product, it’s really that simple.

Don’t just take our word for it – we are fortunate enough to have received a tonne of comments and photos from happy customers  who tell how MastaPlasta has ‘helped repair their sofa so easily’ and ‘saved them a fortune’. We’re also doing the environment a big favour by reducing the amount of furniture that gets chucked away simply because of a tear, hole, burn or stain.

Join our Repair Revolution!

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Join the many thousands of people who have given their items a new lease of life with MastaPlasta patches and saved a small fortune in the process.

“This is perfect. I thought I would have to junk my couch because it looked so awful. Not now :) The patch went on so easy and seems strong”

Home MastaPlasta

“Your patch is amazing. My leather car seat was scratched and was ripping off. That patch works perfectly, plus it isn’t noticeable.”

Home MastaPlasta

“This product is a beautiful quality. We used the crown design and it looks like it came with the sofa. Very, very satisfied.”

Home MastaPlasta

“These are the best leather repair aids EVER …The patch is better quality than the chair”

Home MastaPlasta

We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions on our FAQS PAGE HERE. If you still need help then you can email us on info@mastaplasta.com