It used to be a daunting task to find the best solution to fix that hole in your sofa, car seat, jacket or bag. Not anymore!

Whether your dog has attacked your favourite chair, or you’ve had a removals accident or general wear and tear has taken its toll on your best handbag, the problem needs sorting before it gets any worse. People in this situation traditionally face forking out on expensive repairs, sometimes lugging furniture to and from workshops, or  more often than not just chucking stuff out and buying something new thinking it’s the hassle-free option.

But that was before MastaPlasta!

Now there is an alternative way to repair damage to your leather, suede or vinyl items, and you can do it from the comfort of your home.

No more worrying about that hole getting bigger, or having to save up for a replacement. MastaPlasta offers a fast, proven and cost-effective way to fix holes, rips, burns and stains in no time.

As well as mending seating, bags and leather jackets, our customers are always reporting unexpected and ingenius uses for MastaPlastas – one silenced clanking car park gates next to his home by sticking a MastaPlasta on the metal plates that crashed together every time they closed.

Other products are geared to the professional furniture restorer. With MastaPlasta, our focus is on making a good-looking repair easy for anyone who just needs a quick fix that delivers instant results.

MASTAPLASTA: THE PROFESSIONALS We’re also a top choice for professional upholsterers and other businesses – from hospitality to construction; from blue-chip corporations to vintage street-food vans.

So, why should you choose MastaPlasta?

Making the wrong decision could end up costing you more money than necessary and leave you with unexpected results. Most of us don’t have the time or patience to follow long-winded, fiddly instructions which involve tools, glues and mixing colours and make it easy to end up with a worse problem than before you started.

That’s why we invented a practical, simple solution to this problem. Our self-adhesive leather repair patches take literally seconds to apply.

1. Peel away the backing paper and discard.

Why use a MastaPlasta leather repair kit? MastaPlasta

2. Stick down over the damaged area

Why use a MastaPlasta leather repair kit? MastaPlasta

3. Press firmly down all over the patch and corners

Why use a MastaPlasta leather repair kit? MastaPlasta

So if you’re…

  • Faced with a hole, tear or burn that will only get worse
  • Put off by the complexity of other repair kits
  • Worried about the cost of a professional to fix it
  • Looking for a quick and easy fix that delivers instant results
  • Useless at DIY or stuck for time.

Then MastaPlasta should be perfect for you!

See what people just like you are saying about MastaPlasta

“I bought a large patch to repair my leather sofa. It’s really good quality leather and so simple to use. The instructions were clear and precise, and the result is perfect. Will be buying more.”

Why use a MastaPlasta leather repair kit? MastaPlasta

“Great product. Easy to apply. Saved buying a new couch!”

Why use a MastaPlasta leather repair kit? MastaPlasta

“Brilliant brown patch for our leather sofa – works fantastically – thrilled! thank you so much!”

Why use a MastaPlasta leather repair kit? MastaPlasta

“I had a tear in my tan leather chair caused by my dog. This product was very easy to use and is a perfect match. Highly recommend.”

Why use a MastaPlasta leather repair kit? MastaPlasta

We offer Risk-Free buying. If our patch isn’t right for you, simply return it under our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Why use a MastaPlasta leather repair kit? MastaPlasta

Anything else?

Yes, MastaPlastas are a genuinely eco-friendly product – pollution is definitely not on our agenda.

Our adhesive is incredibly strong – but it is also environmentally friendly, being water-based and solvent-free. Some 99% of solvents used in the production of our MastaHide fabric is recycled. MastaPlasta is proud to be approved by Peta, and MastaHide is a true deluxe alternative to real leather – you will not find any formaldehyde or volatile organic compounds here. Although it is soft, supple with all the qualities of luxury leather, it is also stain-resistant, so no necessary harsh cleansers are needed. Our MastaPlastas are sun-resistant, mould-resistant, extremely tough yet breathable and extremely soft.

Our whole production process is set up to be as environmentally friendly as possible. MastaPlastas are designed and made in the UK, using UK-made raw materials as far as possible. Our packaging is of course recyclable, and as much as possible is itself made from recycled products. Our working practices are first-rate – the two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise that we have picked up along the way can vouch for that.

There are more than half a million MastaPlastas shoring up damaged products in all corners of the world, from Dubai to Alaska, from Israel to Ireland, from Singapore to Switzerland; in living rooms, hotels, restaurants, clinics, schools, universities, beauty salons, trucks, churches, marinas, kennels… And that means hundreds of thousands of products given extended lives and saved from our clogged-up landfills. In the UK alone, 800,000 tonnes of “good” furniture ends up in landfills every year. Together we can change that.

Why use a MastaPlasta leather repair kit? MastaPlasta